Say goodbye to stubble and uncomfortable regrowth

Temporary hair removal such as waxing, hair removal creams and shaving can be done almost anywhere but are time consuming and repetitive. Regrowth is often an issue as it can cause an itchy, prickly feeling giving your skin an uneven skin tone and pigmentation concerns. Larger areas of the body such as your chest or back can be particularly sensitive when using waxing methods for hair removal. Laser Hair Removal can be a convenient method for your hair free goals for those hard to reach and sensitive areas. Appointments are safe, quick, easy and cost effective. Speak to your clinician today and see how we can give you the best results.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Hair removal lasers use light energy specific to a wavelength suited for your skin type to permanently damage and destroy hair follicles. A medical grade laser is scanned across your skin during the hair follicle’s growth cycle to destroy it and prevent regrowth. You will need several treatments to see permanent results. We usually recommend 6-8 sessions where for most people you start seeing a stunted hair growth in as little as 3 treatments. Usually appointments are spaces between 4-6 weeks apart.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

At LLC Cosmetic Laser clinic, special laser machines are deployed to ensure patient safety and comfort. Our treatment machines cause no pain. Most patients describe it as a warm sensation with occasional tiny flicks. The more sessions you have, the less flicks you will feel as there will only be fewer hair follicles to target. Older laser models can cause excruciating pain especially in the hands of untrained professionals. Always trust a certified practitioner when it comes to any laser treatment.

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