Can freckles be removed permanently?

We have several options to get rid of freckles permanently at our clinic. Depending on the amount and how persistent the freckle is, you will be treated using a standalone laser treatment or a combination of chemical peel and laser treatment. We have also had great success in removing mild to moderate freckles using our world class IPL laser.

However, even if the existing freckles are lightened or removed, you’re still at risk of developing more freckles in the future. If you are committed to having freckle-free skin, stay sun smart by wearing broad-brimmed hat and applying a regular amount of sunscreen.

What are the treatment options for freckle removal?

Laser treatments involving white doll and black doll have several benefits of skin rejuvenation and brightening by removing dead skin and clogged pores giving you the appearance of firmer, even and toned skin. IPL can also help achieve a clearer, brighter looking skin but is less effective on darker skin tones.

See the below links for more details on treatment options or book a free consult:

White Doll/Nd-Yag Qswitch

Black Doll/Carbon PeelIPL

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