At LLC Cosmetic Laser Clinics, we offer skin tag removal using RF technology, which is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive option for removing skin tags. Here's what you can expect from the procedure:

Before the Procedure:

Before your skin tag removal procedure, you will have a consultation with one of our licensed and qualified Cosmetic Dermal therapists to discuss your goals, concerns, and medical history. Your therapist will evaluate the size, location, and number of skin tags you want to remove to determine whether RF technology is the best option for you.

During the Procedure:

On the day of your procedure, your therapist or nurse will begin by cleaning and numbing the area around the skin tag with a local anesthetic. Once the area is numb, they will use a specialized RF device to heat and destroy the skin tag. The RF device works by delivering energy directly to the tissue, which causes the cells to break down and the skin tag to shrink and eventually fall off.

The procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete, depending on the size and number of skin tags being removed. You may feel some mild discomfort or a sensation of heat during the procedure, but the local anesthesia will help to minimize any pain or discomfort.

After the Procedure:

After the procedure, your therapist will provide you with instructions on how to care for the treated area and minimize any discomfort or swelling. You may experience some mild redness, swelling, or scabbing in the treated area for a few days after the procedure, but these effects should subside within a week or two.

You should avoid touching or scratching the treated area, and avoid wearing tight clothing or jewelry that may irritate the skin. You should also avoid exposing the treated area to direct sunlight or tanning beds, as this can increase the risk of scarring or hyperpigmentation.

Benefits of Skin Tag Removal using RF Technology:

Safe and Effective: RF technology is a safe and effective option for removing skin tags, with a high success rate and low risk of complications.

Minimally Invasive: Unlike surgical methods, which require incisions and sutures, RF technology is minimally invasive and does not leave any visible scars.

Quick Procedure: The skin tag removal using RF technology is a quick and straightforward procedure that can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Minimal Downtime: After the procedure, you can return to your normal activities immediately, with minimal downtime or recovery time needed.

Long-lasting Results: Skin tag removal using RF technology typically provides long-lasting results, with a low risk of recurrence.

If you're considering skin tag removal, contact LLC Cosmetic Laser Clinics to schedule a consultation with one of our licensed and qualified Cosmetic Laser therapists. We can help you determine whether RF technology is the best option for you, and provide you with personalized advice and guidance on achieving your cosmetic goals.

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