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What does it target?

LLC Cosmetics are at the forefront of skin rejuvenation, combining 5D and 7D HIFU technologies with a suite of complementary treatments for an all-encompassing approach to skin aging.

Our targeted HIFU therapy reaches deep into the skin's layers, including the SMAS, for a profound lifting effect, while our carbon laser peel and Cosmofacial treatments refine and enhance the skin's surface.

This synergistic approach not only addresses the structural causes of skin aging but also its aesthetic concerns, offering a comprehensive solution that improves skin texture, tone, and elasticity.

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How long does HIFU take?

The duration of the treatment varies based on the specific area undergoing treatment and the personalized plan designed for you.

Typically, this face and neck treatment takes around 30 minutes.

Is HIFU safe?

The HIFU procedure, which employs ultrasound energy, has been safely applied in more than 250,000 treatments across the globe.

The use of ultrasound energy in medicine has a proven safety record spanning over 50 years.

How long until I see results & How long do they last?

Following your HIFU Treatment, you might notice immediate improvements, but the full benefits will manifest over the course of 2-3 months as your body naturally produces collagen.

The longevity of the results is based on your body's own collagen synthesis response.

Although the treatment encourages the generation of new collagen, the duration of visible effects is dependent on your individual aging process.

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