We use CO2 to treat a variety of skin conditions ranging from a mild rejuvenation to an aggressive treatment approach depending on condition severity and required results.

What is a CO2 laser and how does it work?

CO2 fractional laser uses an ablative technique at a wavelength of 10600 nm that targets the water chromophore in the skin. The laser is scanned in a layer-by-layer fashion to avoid deep tissue destruction, thus making it suitable for mild and moderate acne scarring, wrinkles and all other uneven skin conditions. As the skin heals, the formation of new healthy collagen tightens the skin and smooths out scars, wrinkles and other uneven skin textures. CO2 laser is the most widely used treatment due to its clinical efficacy and therapeutic benefits which have been confirmed over decades.

How much improvement can I expect?

Clinical studies including data from our clinic have shown a 40 – 50% improvement in acne scarring from a single treatment but results do vary between individuals.

How many treatments are needed?

This is really based on the initial consultation where your skin will be analysed to assess the treatment approach. Usually, 1-3 sessions are sufficient about 2-3 months apart. A small area will be tested initially to ensure that the treatment is safe and effective to you.

What does the procedure involve?

A detailed step by step guide will be provided during the consultation process for the CO2 treatment. During treatment, a numbing gel is applied before the laser treatment commences to keep you comfortable and the process usually lasts about 30-60 minutes in total. We recommend taking a set of medications to reduce discomfort prior to leaving home for the treatment.

What happens after treatment?

Your skin will immediately start to feel a moderate sunburn as soon as the effectiveness of the numbing gel starts to wear off. You will be given post care instructions to follow with continual support from the clinician team. Within 3-4 days your old skin should start shedding and your newer softer skin will start to form towards the surface. You will be given a set of instructions to follow during this healing period. Continual application of SPF 50+ is a must for 7 days post-procedure to keep the skin healing and to prevent sun damage.You will require a week off from any heavy sports/exercise during your healing period, for maximum treatment outcomes.

When will I see improvements?

Improvements in skin can be seen from a week after treatment and can continue to improve for three to six months post treatment.

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