How can age spots or pigmentation be treated?

There are a variety of laser options that can be used to treat age spots or pigmentation depending on the patient’s condition and skin type. The most effective and popular lasers we use to treat pigmentation and age spots include:

Do laser treatments hurt?

During the procedure, each laser shot is accompanied by a cool air blast that keep the area soothed and comfortable during treatment. Most patients describe the feeling of the laser as a minor rubber band snap. For more sensitive patients however, a numbing gel may be applied as a topical anaesthetic to further reduce pain.

When will I see results?

Patients often see results immediately after treatment, but they may see more improvements once the potential side effects have subsided. Redness and peeling can occur, but patients can continue to go about their daily lives with no significant changes. The full outcome of the treatment many not be apparent for upto 3-5 months after treatment as the skin continues to heal itself.

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